Low Budget Floor Options For Your House

Whenever you are considering purchasing a new floor for your new home or office, or you simply want to replace your old existing floor with a new one, there is no doubt that price will be a major factor that affects your final decision. You are very lucky if you are working with an unlimited budget, however, this is not the case for the majority of homeowners. Especially if you are planning a major home improvement project, replacing the floor with a new one is just an aspect of the whole process and you have to be careful of how you are dividing the main budget between different smaller projects.

At the same time, it is important to not cut your budget right when it comes to your flooring choice, so make sure to prioritize this aspect. Thankfully, today’s market is offering plenty of choices when it comes to affordable yet high-quality and long-lasting flooring options that are also attractive and appealing to the eye. Of course, in order to make the best investment, you would like to consider all factors, your budget, do thorough research, make sure to get the best offers out there and enjoy a smart final decision. Today we are going to try and help you navigate through the world of affordable and quality flooring options that are suitable for your home or office space. So without further ado, here are your top options whenever you are looking for affordable flooring ideas for your home: 

Engineered wood flooring

Flooring budget planning

If you really enjoy the look and stability of real wood flooring for your house, but your budget does not allow such an investment, there are plenty of options out there to get the look of real wood on a significantly more affordable price. However, engineered wood floor is the only option that gives you not only the look but also the feel of real wood without spending a little fortune. In fact, to the unprofessional eye, there is practically no difference between solid wood and engineered wood floors. This is due to the fact that engineered wood floorboards are all topped with a top layer of real wood, while the rest of the construction is made out of many layers of plywood, softwood, and other lumber materials. Glued together crisscrossed, all these layers allow the floorboards of engineered wood flooring to be significantly more resistant to changes in the floor’s environment that can otherwise affect the condition and stability of solid wood floors. Contracting and expanding due to humidity and moisture are no more issues when you choose an engineered wood floor. In addition, depending on the thickness of the top layer of the floorboards, you can have your engineered wood floor sanded and re-finished several times in its lifespan, which is one more advantage making engineered wood flooring just as good as the good old solid wood floors, but still significantly easy on your wallet.

Resilient Vinyl Flooring 

Thinking of vinyl flooring, you consider it as one of the cheapest options out there, however, luxury vinyl tiles tend to be pretty expensive and if you are looking for something better for your budget that will save you even more pennies, resilient vinyl flooring is a great option. As a cost-effective floor option on the low-budget end, you can practically purchase the materials for as little as less than a pound per square meter and the installation process is affordable and easy too (you can even consider DIY it). Resilient vinyl flooring offers plenty of choices when it comes to patterns and colours and if you are choosing tiles, you can also have them installed in various patterns that fit your interior design perfectly. However, keep in mind that as a more affordable flooring option, resilient-vinyl is not necessarily the most hard-wearing and lasting alternative out there and it will require replacement in several years, usually 8 to 12.

Lasting Linoleum

Another cost-effective flooring option on the low-budget range of the spectrum is linoleum. It is a common choice for many domestic and commercial settings not only because of its lower price but also due to the fact it comes in a great variety of styles and colours and it is also very low-maintenance. Linoleum is made out of linseed oil and it is an eco-friendly flooring alternative, which is great if you are going for a greener alternative. Compared to LVT flooring, linoleum costs a bit more, however, it is safe to say linoleum is significantly more long-lasting and hard-wearing. Normally, when you are purchasing linoleum you can get a manufacturer warranty at up to three decades. This pretty much adds to the fact you are cutting down on the overall cost for flooring as you will save all the money from regular replacement and installation of a new floor.

Simple Concrete 

As strange as it sounds, maybe your affordable and cool floor is already installed in your home and you have to just consider it as a suitable option. We are talking about concrete. While most of the homeowners consider concrete only as a subfloor that is then covered with some sort of floor covering on top, concrete can also be the top face of the foundation slab and your actual floor. It may sound like a strange idea at first, but just take your time to think how this rough and extremely durable and powerful material can add a lot of character and functionality to different interior design settings. If the rough appearance is not your cup of tea, you can further inexpensively treat the surface of concrete and soften its look or play around with different colours, textures, styles. Not to mention that concrete requires little to none maintenance and is extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting. 

Affordable Laminate

Laminate is, most probably, the most common flooring option for those going for the look of wood who are still shopping on a budget. Well, laminate may not be made out of real wood, which is a major downside for some, however, considering how cheap it is compared to real wood floors, it definitely deserves your consideration. For just a fraction of the price of original real wood flooring, laminate mimics real wood very well and creates the illusion for more expensive flooring. Laminate floors are also easy to maintain and keep clean. However, keep in mind they are not that long-lasting with a lifespan normally capping out at about 10 years.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles can top the list of the most comfortable and inexpensive flooring options available. Additionally, the installation of carpet tiles is pretty simple and easy and you can even DIY it in order to save money from a professional service. Carpet tiles are great in terms of functionality and comfort – they create a cosy and warm setting, which is great especially in the winter months or for homes with young children. Creating an inviting and warm atmosphere is easy with this flooring option, however, keep in mind that carpet tiles normally do not have such a long life cycle. On another hand, carpet tiles are as easy to remove as to install and you can replace the whole floor once it starts feeling worn and torn for a very low cost.


Consider cork as a flooring material whenever you are going after a unique, appealing, and functional floor that won’t break the bank. In addition, with cork flooring you can, once again, cut the installation cost down and spend a few hours in DIY-ing the fitting process. With its rich and natural appearance and beautiful colour that will definitely elevate the essence of your interior design, cork floor definitely tops many lists for affordable yet amazing modern flooring options.