Top Tips For Country Farmhouse Wooden Flooring Interior

The country farmhouse is a very popular interior style nowadays thanks to the cosiness and warmth it adds to every domestic setting. It comes with a lot of distinctive features, however, hardwood flooring remains one of its essential components. It is hard to imagine a country farmhouse interior style without a real wood floor. However, hardwood flooring is a very broad term that comes with a great variety of styles, looks, designs, patterns. Some of them, have the appearance, texture, and colour to really contribute a lot to country farmhouse interior design and make it even more unique and distinctive. So if you want to make a big impression, here are some wood floor ideas for complementing country farmhouse style.

Distressed Finishes

Wooden flooring farmhouse

Wooden floors are definitely one of the most essential features of every country farmhouse interior design. The natural textures, colours, and feel that adds wood to this type of interior design really contribute to the atmosphere of cosiness, warmth, homey feeling. The warm tones of the natural wooden texture really are a lot to this interior design that is very trendy and popular right now. In order to make the style even more distinctive and unique, you can consider the aesthetics of a distressed wood floor finish effect.

The unique style of hardwood flooring finished with a distressed effect will give a lot of old-world charm and a feeling of a floor with history. Besides the aesthetic benefits to the interior style in general, the distressed wood floor finish effect also has many functionality benefits and advantages. It is a great choice for households with young children and pets as it camouflages imperfections such as fine scratches, small stains and dents. Such hardwood flooring is very easy to maintain and keep intact. The natural features of distressed hardwood flooring add a lot of character to country farmhouse style and such type of floor finish effect can easily hide decades of wear and tear. Even more, such style gains more beauty and charm with the years.

Wide Planks

Wide planks of hardwood flooring are a really great way to complement country farmhouse interior style. The reason why wide planks are so popular and suitable for this interior style is that they create a rustic feel that is, pretty much, quintessential for shabby chic, farmhouse-inspired interiors. Wide planks wood flooring is a great way to not only complement country farmhouse style but also make the room appear more spacious, larger. If cared properly and maintained regularly, they will last for several decades, looking as elegant and unique as in the first day of their installation.

Wide planks hardwood flooring is very durable and stable, therefore hard-wearing and long-lasting. Wide planks will totally inject a twist in the style of every room, with traditional and rustic elegance, but still an ideal match for modern interiors too. Even the smallest room will look more open and spacious with the help of wide planks of wood flooring. Make sure to choose lighter wood floor colours and undertones for an even more spacious appearance.

Play Around with the Finish

Farmhouse wooden flooring

When it comes to a country farmhouse style, you may be wondering what is the best way to go with the finish – high gloss or complete matt? The ideal finish for making a wood floor fit the country farmhouse style is the matte or brushed natural finish. High gloss finishes are very beautiful and elegant, however, they fit into other interior styles.

On the other hand, when it comes to a shabby chic style, you would like to go for a more rustic look and feel. In order to do so, you can choose a completely matt finish. One more additional benefit to the matt finish is the fact it is low-maintenance, which means it will perfectly camouflage fine scratches and other small imperfections on the surface of the floor. The same applies to the brushed finish that gives the floor a worn, almost vintage appearance. Both finish options are great for adding a lot of rustic charm to real wood flooring and complementing the whole country farmhouse concept.

Master the Rustic Look

Country farmhouse interior design is all about rustic. A matt or brushed finish, wide planks, and a distressed look, all these are great for hardwood floors in the context of country farmhouse interior style. However, if you want to go the extra mile and create an even more distinctive and charming look, you can achieve the ultimate rustic appearance by mixing and matching different wood species. You don’t even have to think of how to incorporate different styles and types of wood into one floor.

After all, a herringbone parquet pattern or a frame of the floor created by different types of wood can be a very bold and even chaotic approach for many. Therefore, you can go on the beaten track and just mix and match different sorts of wood with the help of a hardwood floor, wooden furniture pieces, wooden decorations, etc. You can further complement the wooden look and soften it out with the help of warm colours and soft textures. Choose the ultimate traditional palette for a rustic style that includes yellow, brown, red, and orange tones, vintage charm, upholstery and soft furnishings in neutral tones, weathered look, industrial light fittings, etc.