Wood Flooring Colours Tips

Wood floors are a heavily discussed subject with customers and clients from all over the world. No matter if you live in an old-word charming British cottage house, or a modern and cosmopolitan apartment, wood flooring will match practically every interior design and style you can think of. It is easy to see why!

First of all, natural wood flooring comes in a great, almost overwhelming variety of different species that naturally have their patterns, textures, colours and grades. Often raw wood materials look like pieces of art, before even being cut, manufactured, or altered in any way by professionals.

Second, today’s wood flooring industry offers an amazing and exciting variety of additional services that can improve, highlight, or completely transform the natural appearance of the source material. Given the variety on the market, there are probably some products and colours to match even the wildest designer ideas! Before you unleash your creativity upon your floors, make sure the gradience of your future project will not make you regret everything a couple of days later.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional interior design and style is always a good thing. You might be surprised, but wood flooring is an interior design element that can turn on your creative output. Natural appearance with a hint of spiciness and fanciness, just a pop of colour in the undertones, or non-ordinary colours all over the house, everything is up for the taking. However, there are certain things you have to watch out for.

Tips When Deciding On Wood Flooring Colour

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· Room size and ceiling height are one of the most important aspects you need to take into account when it comes to choosing the right colour. As you can probably guess, darker and more engaging tones are not necessarily the most suitable for smaller or narrower rooms and spaces, because these could make space look even tinier than before. Practice shows that lighter and simpler shades are a good choice for wooden floors is not so spacious rooms, making them look bigger. If your room is big, then you can consider playing around with bold colours. Whether you prefer to go mono or mix a few of them in unexpected and beautiful patterns, it is all up to you. However, always keep in mind that rules are not necessarily applied to each situation, so aim to choose a wood flooring colour that will go in harmony with your home design, shape, and size.

· Textures and hues of the walls and the furniture – In case you are not planning a full house or room remodelling, you should consider those two important factors. Try to stick to a similar colour scheme and do not mix cold and warm undertones. All of the shades in the room must complement each other, not fighting over being the focal point. Fear not, this does not mean that if you have gone a bit crazy with the colour of your walls, or have bought some eccentric furniture pieces, you cannot allow yourself the joy of having a wooden floor in an extravagant colour.

· This tip is optional, but recommended. It is usually better if new wooden floors match the existing ones in the house, so you can ensure a smooth transition from one room to another by maintaining the integrity and flow of the home. However, this is one more rule that can be easily overlooked, because wooden floors in different colours around the house allow you to better separate the house into zones and areas, especially if you live in an open-plan home. Finally, if you are not into the differently coloured wooden floors, you can always stick to one palette.

· Generally, darker colours bring out the warmth in other elements of the décor and interior design. If you are looking for a way to make your home feel extra cosy and homey, then choosing a darker shade for your flooring is a good idea to consider.

· Black and dark hues are popular choices in general, especially when it comes to modern and contemporary homes. On the other hand, yellow, orange, medium brown, as well as red undertones do wonders for traditional, classic and vintage-inspired interiors. White and almost white tones create a feeling of open space, airiness and effortless style, so we can often see them matched to shabby chic interiors.

· Deep and bold colours are perfect for commercial spaces because they bring in some element of uniqueness and distinctive style that will be noticed and remembered. They are sophisticated and this is a good image for a business, isn’t it?

· For houses with big families, many young children and pets, we recommend medium brown coloured wooden floors with matt finish, because this combination is the best for concealing scratches, dents and stains.

Taking Advantage Of Flooring Samples

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Choosing the right colour for your wooden floor, the one that meets your preferences and personal taste is not a decision you can make overnight. Buying a new one, or re-designing what you already have is a pretty serious investment you would want to make once you are completely confident in your final decision. In case you do not have a clear idea of the colour of choice, or you have a firm opinion, but you would like to evaluate a few more options and alternatives, then make sure to take advantage of the samples that you can find in every wood flooring showroom. There is nothing better than on-site inspection as well as seeing your sample under natural light. Here are a few more handy tips you might want to consider:

· When you are visiting the wood flooring showroom, make sure to take with you a sample of your furniture, decorations and interior design pieces in the room (if possible) the renovation will be made. Then, choose floor samples that generally complement the samples you brought with you, or try to find an interesting, but not intimidating contrast.

· Do not forget that your wooden floor will usually be the focal point of the room. Some may even call it ‘the statement piece’. You wouldn’t want it to blend with your furniture pieces. It should be a few shades darker or lighter, to create a pleasant contrast.

· Do not bring home with you more than three colour samples. The more choice you have, the more confused you might feel. Take your time in the showroom, go through everything, but only pick three things to go home with.

· Check how the wood flooring samples will look next to each detail in the room – furniture, walls, decorations. Do not try to make a final decision in one day, allow yourself some time to think about it. Make sure you continue checking the samples against all elements in the room a few days in a row, to make sure you will not regret the final decision once you decide to make it.