How to Take Care of Your Wooden Floor with Bona

The key to the longevity and durability of every wooden floor, no matter if a solid wood, engineered wood, or parquet one, is the regular and proper maintenance. Fortunately, maintaining your floor in perfect condition and flawless appearance is not that complex and challenging at all. You don't need to invest too much energy, time, money, or elbow grease in order to achieve and maintain outstanding results. Just being regular and using the right products is enough, in addition to occasional professional services such as sanding and refinishing.

However, even though professional assistance is important, the most important role in the good shape of your favourite wooden floor is based on your own cleaning and maintenance routine. In return, your wooden floor will pay off with many decades of loyal service and will look like brand new even after years of everyday use, high traffic, etc. In fact, hardwood floors are designed to last for up to a century. All you need to do is using the right products.

Speaking of the right wood floor maintenance products, Bona is one of the most popular and internationally renowned brands and companies in the wood flooring industry and market. With years of experience in the field and so much dedication and passion for innovation, Bona is not just a leading brand on the international market and a pioneering company in the wood flooring industry and maintenance field. Many professionals and professional service contractors will recommend using Bona's wood floor maintenance and cleaning products for the upkeep of your favourite wooden floor. Today we share a thorough selection of some of the best wood floor products by Bona, check them out below.

Bona Freshen Up

Bona Freshen UpAn innovative and easy-to-use product by Bona designed for frequent maintenance and upkeep of wood floors. This waterborne product is created for finished wooden floors and designed to take care and ensure extra protection of the finish wear layer of the floor. Bona Freshen Up has amazing wear resistance and refreshes the look of tired, worn, and dull wood floors by giving them new shine and lustre.

Bona Polish Gloss/Matt

Bona Polish GlossA polyurethane-enhanced wood floor polish with an amazing formula that is not simply efficient but also very easy to use and apply. A great product for DIY projects. Bona Polish Gloss ensures even and uniforms coverage and flawless results. The product guarantees your floor will be resistant to stuff marks and scratching while the surface becomes extra durable and hard-wearing. Designed for sealed floors, Bona Polish Gloss is available in matte and gloss finish versions.

Bona Cleaner Spray for Oiled Floors

Bona Cleaner Spray for Oiled FloorsWhat could be more convenient to use than a highly efficient wood floor care product in a spray bottle version? Bona Cleaner Spray for Oiled Floors is the ideal product for everyday upkeep of oiled floors and for quick touch-ups. It can be used by everyone, you don't have to be a professional with experience in taking care of real wood floors. The product is very easy to use, absolutely safe, and amazingly efficient. Designed for not just cleaning but also nourishing oiled wood floors and for increasing their protection and hard-wearing power. No buffing and heavy machines and equipment needed, just spray and use a mop to spread the product, it dries quickly and ensures amazing results in just two hours.

Bona Cleaner

Bona CleanerHere you have your standard wood floor cleaner by Bona but with a more innovational formula and amazing efficiency and removing even stubborn dirt and stains. Bona Cleaner is great upkeep and in-depth cleaning product for finished wood floors and cork flooring. With its new formula, Bona Cleaner is easy-to-use, powerful, with a low-foaming consistency and effect for even quicker cleaning. The product is designed for conventional use or for use with an auto-scrubber. Leaves no residue and comes with a neutral pH that is gentle enough to the floor's finish. Suitable for commercial and domestic use. 

Bona Soap

Bona SoapBona Soap is specially designed for deep cleaning and efficient upkeep of oiled wood floors. The product comes with a low pH that is gentle enough to the oil finish of the floor but also very effective at removing even stubborn dirt and stains. Use Bona Soap for frequent cleaning of domestic and commercial oiled wood floors and for additional nourishing of the flooring surface. Bona Soap significantly improves the water repellency of the wooden surface. Allow an hour after application and then you can continue with buffing the floor.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit

Bona Wood Floor Cleaning KitA great starter wood floor cleaning kit by Bona, the perfect all-in-one solution for DIY-ers. Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit includes everything you need for in-depth and efficient cleaning of your favourite wooden floor. In the kit, you can find the Bona Mophead with a handle, one washable Bona Cleaning Pad, and the classic and very popular Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. The cleaning product is designed for use on varnished and hardwax-finished wooden floors. The tools are reusable and you can use them up to three hundred times. The kit allows you to effectively remove even stubborn dirt, grime, and stains.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner

Bona Wood Floor CleanerOne more classic wood floor maintenance and cleaning product by Bona, suitable for lacquered wood floors and laminate. The efficient and innovative formula allows you to easily remove dirt, grime, and stains and maintain your beautiful floor in flawless condition. With its neutral pH, the product is not aggressive to the lacquer finish and won't damage it or wear it off. The special non-smear formula of the Bona Wood Floor Cleaner leaves no sticky or greasy residue but just perfectly clean and shiny wood floor surface.