Tips on How to Apply a Wood Floor Primer

A wood floor primer is among the most underestimated products. In fact, many people interested in wood floors or professional wood floor services do not even know about the existence of a wood floor primer or they assume it is an unnecessary product you don't need to invest into. However, this is not the truth for sure. A wood floor primer is a key element of the wood floor staining process. It works as the perfect base that helps the colour of the wood floor stain show its intensity and don't get mixed with the original colour and undertones of the wood species.

A wood floor primer also ensures that the floor stain will last for a long time and won't get chipped, damaged, or fade too soon. Finally, a primer works as the perfect base for the application of a wood floor stain. It makes the surface super smooth and sleek, therefore, apply a stain or a sealing product over a primer ensures flawless and uniform results and the perfect coverage. A wood floor primer is an essential part of creating a beautiful and sleek wooden floor. The better the quality of a primer is, the less wood floor stain you will need to use and the better coverage you will be able to achieve. 

The way a primer is applied on wood and how the final result looks can definitely help you easily distinguish the professional approach and the hand of a DIY enthusiast. However, when it comes to your favourite wooden floor, you definitely want the best look for it. Here is how to apply a wood floor primer professionally.

Why Apply a Wood Floor Primer?

It may look like a pretty simple and self-explanatory job, however, applying a primer on your wooden floor may not be as easy as you expect. The main purpose of a primer is to dissolve with the surface. The product is designed to smooth out the surface of the floor and cover all the smaller imperfections, fill in all fine gaps, dents, and marks. By doing so, the wood floor primer allows the rest of the products you are going to use, including the stain and the finish, to lay uniformly on the surface. In addition, a primer also has an adhesive quality that will further help the wood floor stain to absorb well and last for longer. 

How to Apply a Wood Floor Primer

In order to achieve the best results, you should make sure the primer is mixed well and you know exactly how to apply it. You can use either a brush, a roll or a spray to apply a primer to the surface of your wooden floor. To spray the primer on the surface of the floor you will need to work a bit more because, in order to achieve an even and uniform coverage, you would like to spray the surface a few times.

Brushing will also require a bit more elbow grease and time, however, you will be able to achieve a very good result and a smooth and well-covered surface. Make sure to read the manufacturer's instructions of the specific wood floor primer you have purchased and follow them for best results. Normally, applying the wood floor primer will require you to:

  • If the surface of the floor has been previously painted and finished, make sure to thoroughly clean it and make sure there are no dust, grime, or grease left.
  • Thin the primer and then apply it evenly with a brush.
  • Let the primer completely dry for six to eight hours. Then apply the polishing paste. 
  • Use the finest sandpaper grit to sand the rest of the putty off and apply a second coat of the primer. After the primer is completely dry, the surface of the floor is ready to be stained/painted.

Oil-based of a Latex-based Wood Floor Primer

If you are interested in priming your floor, you will soon find out that there are two types of wood floor primer - an oil-based one and the latex-based one. Now, you are probably wondering which type of primer to choose and which type will be the best for your floor. Honestly, professionals recommend that you should use both types of primers. The oil-based primer should be applied first and once it is dry, you should go for the latex-based primer. The oil-based primer is stickier when compared to the latex-one, however, the first one has the problem of cracking over time, therefore, it is recommended to finish things up with a latex-based primer that is not prone to cracking. 

Top Wood Floor Primers

Now, not every wood floor primer is the same and there are definitely some high-quality ones while there are also some low-quality wood floor primers. You definitely want to invest in the first group, here are some recommendations by our professionals:

Bona Nordic Tone

Bona Nordic ToneBona is definitely a leading manufacturer of wood flooring products and the Bona Nordic Tone does not make an exception with its amazing quality. Bona Nordic Tone is an innovative product, helping you enhance the beauty of your home and wooden floor by bringing in the lightness and tranquility of the minimalistic Scandinavian style and with the help of a traditional Scandinavian toning treatment. The product is easy to apply and dries very fast, it is waterbourne and completely odourless.

Bona Natural Primer

Bona Natural PrimerOne more high-quality wood flooring product delivered by Bona, the brand's Bona Natural Primer is designed to retain the natural beauty of the wood of unfinished floors. With the help of this product you can achieve a very natural look for your wooden floor, no matter the type of finish you are going to use after. At the same time, the product is contributing to achieving a very durable, hard-wearing, and the long-lasting wood floor surface.

Loba PrimeSeal Plus Primer

Loba PrimeSeal Plus PrimerLooking for a wood floor primer that ensures high-quality, great lasting power, and easy application? Make sure to check out Loba PrimeSeal Plus Primer. The primer is suitable for all wood species, it ensures very good colouration and a low grain rise. Loba PrimeSeal Plus Primer minimizes side bonding effects. 

Junckers Prelak

Junckers PrelakJunckers Prelak is a water-based wood floor primer that dries fast and can be used in combination with water-based wood floor finishes. It is the perfect wood floor primer for wood species that are naturally more sensitive to moisture and humidity. It can be used for domestic and commercial wood floors as it is also suitable for high-traffic and busier areas. 

Bona Classic Primer

Bona Classic PrimerAs the name of the product suggests, Bona Classic Primer is your classic solution for priming real wood floors. The product is a high solid, single component acrylate wood floor primer you can use before the floor is finished with waterborne wood floor finishes. The primer is perfect for smoothing out the wood floor's surface, making it more full-bodied and significantly reducing the risk of side bonding thanks to its flexibility. Bona Classic Primer is especially suitable for end-grain wood floors, softwood flooring, and hardwood floors with the underfloor heating system installed.