Boen Cleaning And Maintenance Guide

Wet Flooring Cleaning Sign

Boen has its own maintenance products specifically made to suit the Boen pre-finished floors. The series contains:

These floor maintenance products must be applied in accordance with the appropriate product instructions and care must be taken to avoid over-application of the material.

It is important to note that floors treated on a regular basis using a polish, "maintainer", "gloss-builder" or similar, must be sanded back to bare wood prior to the application of further coats of lacquer.

For Matt lacquered floors use a matt polish, e.g. Bona Naturale rather than a refresher as the floor would eventually become shiny.

Frequency Recommendations:

  • Moderate domestic use (bedrooms and living rooms) - as required, every six months 
  • Average to heavy use (stairs, corridors, offices with public access) - every two weeks 
  • Heavy use (restaurants, department stores, barracks, schools) - every week