Bona Oils

Bona Oils

Oil from pine trees constitutes the base of all products in Bona Carl's Oil range. This explains why Carl's Oil is so quick-drying and easy to use compared to oils made from other bases. Bona Carl’s Oils are products that care for the environment, that highlights the beauty of the wooden floor but which are also easy to work with.  This is the entire philosophy behind Carl's oil! Bona Carl’s Oil range of products can be differentiated via the numbers in their names. The number refers to the solids content in the product.

Bona Carl's oil 90

Bona Carl's 90 is the most outstanding product in the Bona Carl's Oil range. It is hardening oil containing less than 10% solvents and intended for the surface treatment of untreated wooden floors exposed to normal or heavy wear. Due to its easy application and quick-drying properties, floors can be completed within one working day. Bona Carl's 90 provides a matt natural appearance while at the same time it leaves the natural appearance of the timber.

Bona Carl's oil 45

Bona Carl's 45 is hardening oil intended for the surface treatment of untreated wooden floors exposed to normal or heavy wear. Due to an opening time that is longer than that of Bona Carl's oil 90, larger areas can be treated as there is more time to work over the floor before the oil has penetrated into the wood.

Carl's Hard Wax Oil Refresher

Use Carl’s Hard Wax Oil Refresher for maintenance when the waxed surface of Carl's Hard Wax Oil is showing signs of wear. It is applied in a thin coat across the floor with a cloth. When dry, the floor can be buffed by hand or machine to achieve a higher gloss surface if desired. If a stain or mark appears on the surface, it is possible to do a spot repair to restore the surface with Carl’s Hard Wax Oil Refresher.

Carl's Hard Wax Oil

Bona Carl's Hard Wax Oil contains natural oils and waxes in a formulation that is easy for flooring contractors to apply. Only two coats are needed and the drying time is short. Waxes are rapidly gaining in popularity. So don’t forget to offer customers Carl’s Hard Wax Oil before they ask you for it!