Bona Products


Creating a perfect floor is more than choosing the right coating. It’s about understanding the craftsmanship behind a lasting result. Bona products aim to ensure that working with wooden floors is a smooth, fast and dust-free experience. One of the most important challenges is to create products that work perfectly with each other, with the floor and the craftsman. Through their worldwide Reference Teams, consisting of researchers, distributors and contractors, Bona constantly put our solutions to the test.

Professional Product Range

In Bona’s professional product range you will find everything you need as a professional contractor. Bonda is not just offering you excellent products - they are offering you a total wooden floor concept consisting of coatings, sanding machines, adhesives, abrasives and maintenance products. Bona is the world leader in water-based coatings for wooden floors. They guarantee a first-class result - beautiful, durable and easy-to-manage wooden floors, irrespective of what type. These coatings are the result of our commitment to new technology that minimises the strain on the environment and increases the share of renewable raw materials.


Bona's water-based coatings guarantee a first-class result - beautiful, durable and easy-to-manage wooden floors, irrespective of the type of floor and its location. They are also the best environmental choice you can make!


Oil from pine trees constitutes the base of all Bona products in Carl's Oil range. This explains why Carl's Oil is so quick-drying and easy to use compared to oils made from other bases. Bona Carl’s Oils care for the environment, highlight the beauty of the wooden floor and are also easy to work with.


Bona DriFast Stain is a premium, fast-drying and compatible with all Bona waterborne systems and all other Bona finish systems. Available in 14 beautiful wood tones and white, Bona DriFast Stain provides high performance for hardwood floor finishing professionals.

Fillers & Mastics

When you are renovating a floor, attention to detail is crucial if you want to achieve a good end result. Bona fillers will help you add that final touch to the job and make you even happier with your floor!