Chene Vinyl Flooring

Chene vinyl flooring is a high-quality product manufactured according to the highest European standards and following the French tradition, which is the country of origin of Chene vinyl flooring. The manufacturers of Chene vinyl flooring are located in the heart of the forest region of eastern France. Therefore, Chene is known for the premium quality solid wood flooring they create, but also the inspiration they get for the design and manufacturing of great vinyl flooring that perfectly mimics the natural beauty and elegance of wood to the tiniest detail. Chene vinyl flooring brings light, warmth, and a lot of character and style to every interior and every room of the house. Once started as a small family company, nowadays Chene has become a leading name in the flooring industry in Europe and Chene vinyl flooring is enjoyed by many households and commercial interior designers because of its elegance and beauty, durability and hard-wearing power, quality and easy-to-maintain nature.

Why Choose Chene Vinyl Flooring

Why choose chene vinyl flooring

Chene vinyl flooring explained

Despite the deeply-rooted traditions of the family-owned company, Chene vinyl flooring is a perfect example of innovation and contemporary style in the designing and manufacturing of vinyl flooring. With Chene vinyl flooring you can experience the next generation of this innovative and modern vinyl flooring product. Chene vinyl flooring is now available in the pioneering Firmfit design that set new rules and revolutionised the industry of modern flooring solutions such as vinyl flooring. The biggest advantage of Chene vinyl flooring over other vinyl flooring options available on the market is the fact that Chene vinyl flooring is recognised as the strongest waterproof LVT option available on the market worldwide. You can benefit from a number of advantages when investing in Chene vinyl flooring, including easy to maintain and keep in perfect condition material, durability, long-lasting power, distinctive designs, and more.

Chene Vinyl Flooring Designs

Chene vinyl flooring designs

Chene vinyl flooring variety

The company’s motto is: “Home is where the heart is.” As a family-owned brand, Chene has deeply rooted traditions and believe that every beautiful and durable floor can become the heart of the home’s interior design, the fundament that dictates the rest of the interior choices made. The company also believes in the unbeatable beauty of natural materials, therefore they try to incorporate it in the luxury vinyl flooring and mimic the natural charm, texture, colour, and pattern of wood and stone to the tiniest detail. Therefore, Chene vinyl flooring is created to mimic authentic designs and imitate natural materials in high resolution. With a great variety of designs and colours, you can easily find the exact design you are looking for.

Where to Install Chene Vinyl Flooring

Where to install chene vinyl flooring

Chene vinyl flooring installation

Chene vinyl flooring is designed to improve the functionality and aesthetic of every home and commercial space. With its waterproof, stress-resistant, high durability structure, Chene vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for every space in the house, including kitchen, basement, and even the bathroom. Furthermore, Chene vinyl flooring is the best choice for busy commercial areas that experience a lot of high traffic.

Why choose chene vinyl flooring
Chene vinyl flooring designs
Where to install chene vinyl flooring