Say `Hello` To Junckers` Engineered Wood Flooring Choices

Interior design is easy with the right products. Hardwood floors are the first furniture in the room and provide a classic backdrop for the rest of the design. A hardwood floor is beautiful and alive and adds warmth to the room. Junckers’ are well known for the many choices of solid hardwood floors and now offer engineered flooring in premium quality.

The many varieties of choice of wood species and colour variation make the room and the interior design personal. Wide board or 2 stripboard. Junckers solid wooden floors have long been available both as a wide board and stripboard flooring. This now applies to the engineered floors as well.

Wide board engineered floors have a more subtle appearance and are at their best in large rooms. The smaller staves in the 3 strip engineered board floors give more life and colour to the room and add lightness, particularly in small rooms. With Junckers` engineered floors you can find the best wood species to underline the function and personality of your room. Choose from a range including Walnut, Oak and Ash. Hardwood floors enhance the expression in the room – without dominating. The floor carries the interior design. And here the surface plays an important part.

The floor is the basic element in the room. It decides how you experience the room, how the light is reflected, how the interior design and the furniture harmonize. The identity of the room is based on the floor.

Junckers White Flooring

Natural or white

Junckers engineered hardwood floors are available the way nature intended – with the original natural colour and grain. Or as with our Ash flooring the surface can be available in “Whitesand” – which has a white pigment over the surface giving the wood a lighter, fresher look whilst highlighting its structure.

Hard-wearing ultra matt, natural lacquered surface

Whether the floor is Natural or Whitesand, the surface is protected from daily wear and tear by a 100% pure polyurethane natural ultra matt lacquer, which combines lacquer’s strength with oil’s natural look. This means the floor is both strong and easy to maintain – natural and clean.

Choose Junckers Solid or Engineered Wood Flooring

Junckers is known for unsurpassed quality in solid wood floors. This experience is the basis for the new engineered floors.

Durable products, uniformly high quality and strong surfaces.

A solid floor has the same wood throughout the entire thickness. It is virtually indestructible. It is a floor one chooses for a lifetime!

Junckers Solid Wood floors:

  • Laid floating with the well-established clip system over resilient underlay
  • Can be sanded 5–10 times, depending on the thickness - 14mm, 22mm and 20.5mm thick
  • 4 surfaces - Lacquer, Oil, Ultra Matt, Untreated
  • 11 wood species in three grades and 400 product combinations
  • British Allergy Foundation Allergy UK Seal of Approval
  • Available in Ship’s decking appearance
  • Junckers produced maintenance products
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Uncompromising quality and long life

Here’s How an Engineered Board is Built Up

Engineered flooring is composed of three layers: a visible surface layer of hardwood, a cross-layer that prevents movement in the floor, and a veneer layer for stability. The different types of hardwood in the top layer – walnut, ash and oak,– all come from sustainable forestry. The middle layer is from recycled plantation trees, rubber trees that are no longer used for rubber production. The bottom layer is either PEFC-certified Finnish fir or FSC-certified Australian eucalyptus.

An engineered floor looks like a solid floor on the surface but costs less. Engineered floors typically have a surface layer of 3-4mm

  • LayLock® lacing system
  • Easy to install as a floating floor
  • Can be sanded once or twice – 14mm thick
  • One surface – Ultra Matt
  • Oak, Walnut and Ash Whitesand
  • 1 and 3 strip boards
  • Also available 22mm thick
  • Glueing T&G joint laying system
  • Junckers produced maintenance products
  • British Allergy Foundation – Allergy UK Seal of Approval.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating (except Beech)
  • Board thickness - 14 mm 22 mm
  • Top layer - 3.6 mm 3.6 mm
  • Cross layer - 8.4 mm 15.4 mm
  • Bottom layer - 2 mm 3 mm
  • 1-strip 3-strip
  • Width 136 mm or 185 mm (Oak only)
  • Length 1820 or 2130 mm 2200 mm

Junckers Engineered Floors in Walnut, Ash & Oak are Well Suited for Under Floor Heating

Floor heating is not just an agreeable luxury on cold winter mornings in the bathroom. It has become increasingly common in renovation and new construction projects. Houses have become better insulated, and that means that warm-up temperatures do not need to be so high as they once did. Whereas a radiator’s heat circulation results in warm ceilings and cold feet, underfloor heating provides a comfortable temperature at both foot and head level – without wasted heat at the ceiling.

Engineered hardwood flooring is in itself a warm insulating material that feels good and comfortable even without underfloor heating. A wood floor is a perfect choice to use for cold weather. Junckers’ engineered floors can tolerate large temperature fluctuations and are thus well suited for underfloor heating.

Water or Electricity?

The water-based approach is used in both new construction and renovation, while the electric solution is mainly used in smaller renovations. Junckers has produced a floor heating brochure in cooperation with the two leading floor heating producers Uponor Wirsbo A/S (water-based systems) and Devi A/S (electric systems).

Junckers Plank Hardwood Flooring

Don't Forget The Three Hot Tips From Junckers

  • The temperature on the top side of the boards must not exceed 27°C.
  • Use a double moisture barrier in connection with concrete or screed floor heating.
  • The floor heating system must have an even distribution of temperature

All Junckers Floors Are Allergy Friendly

Junckers flooring contributes to a good indoor climate. It is allergy friendly and does not give off any unhealthy substances from glue or lacquer. Junckers floors are unique in being the only hardwood flooring in the world to be approved, accredited and have the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation – Allergy UK.