Cleaning And Maintenance Of Wooden Floor

Flooring Maintenance From Junckers

The higher the quality of the floor, the easier it should be to clean and maintain. A premium quality solid floor will retain this benefit, making regular cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible, so your investment remains beautiful and functional throughout its life. Maintenance of a Junckers flooring is easily carried out by sweeping, vacuum cleaning or damp mopping with Junckers Mop Kits. Never use a lot of water on hardwood floors.

Machines that are designed for cleaning lacquered hardwood flooring are ideal for larger areas. Only Junckers cleaning products, designed to clean and maintain the surface finish, should be used. To maintain the floor in the long term, the lacquered surface is periodically resealed using Junckers` polyurethane varnishes. An oiled floor must be treated on a regular basis, but this is quite simple and gives the added advantage that spot repairs can be done without having to remove all the interior furniture.

Resealing the floor whilst the polyurethane seal or oil is in a good condition is the easiest way of maintaining the floor. However, if the finish has been worn through, a Junckers flooring being solid can be sanded several times without compromising the floor´s stability, whereas conventional multi-layered floors will withstand only light sanding before this stability is significantly reduced. We have a complete range of maintenance products - from daily cleaning materials to hardwearing oils and lacquers. Junckers welcomes any query regarding our floors and our technical department are available to give maintenance advice.