Maintenance and Refurbishment Guide From Junckers

Wooden Floor Cleaning

Maintenance of a hardwood floor does not need to be hard. Day to day cleaning is quite simple, follow a few guidelines and the floor will be easily kept clean and in good condition. First of all, decide if the floor needs an extra coat of seal on installation. In some instances, this is a good idea, multi-purpose halls for example where spillages are going to be frequent.

The JunckerCare scheme is designed to work in conjunction with the day to day cleaning carried out by the client and the Lifetime warranty; in that it puts the long-term maintenance in the hands of the professionals. To do this all the client needs to do is to enter into a maintenance contract with one of Junckers Approved Contractors to carry out this work.

Every 12 - 18 months

We recommend that the Junckers Approved Contractor reviews the floor's surface every 12 - 18 months to inspect the condition of the seal and the surface of the wood. We recommend after this inspection that the floor is being abrasive cleaned before applying 1 coat of Junckers High-Performance polyurethane seal.

Longer term

We recommend that after the above work is carried out 3-4 times and depending on the condition of the floor, the Junckers Approved Contractor sands the floor back to bare wood before applying 1 coat of Junckers Proseal Primer and 2 coats of Junckers High-Performance polyurethane seal.

Total cost of ownership - Lifecycle costs

Essentially sports floors are available in different types of surface material. In each case performance, lifetime expectancy, initial purchase price (which includes installation) and maintenance costs all differ significantly. But when weighing up the various options, consider the big picture. In other words, how will your floor perform over its entire lifetime and how much will the floor cost in total? Investing a little time and effort in this respect will ensure that you are not misled.

For instance, an analysis shows that the annual costs of having a hardwood floor are significantly lower than those of both PVC and poured urethane sports floors – even though the initial cost of the hardwood floor may be higher. This is because the initial purchase price is a smaller proportion of the total cost of ownership over the years.

Designed to last with a minimum of fuss

All Junckers' sports floor systems are subjected to a fatigue test to ensure that they perform consistently for at least 25 years. As to the floorboards, the expected lifetime is 35 to 40 years. Junckers flooring systems are available as total concepts, which include pre-finished hardwood flooring, a suitable undercarriage system, bushings, skirtings and line marking paints and seals.

Maintenance makes up the majority of a sports floor's life cycle costs. And for this reason, Junckers sports floors are designed for easy and efficient maintenance throughout their life.