Junckers Solid Wood Flooring - Products With A Rate Quality

junckers solid wood flooring stockistThe floor is an important part of a room. Depending on the use, the flooring should be either sufficiently neutral to give room to other elements - or sufficiently characteristic to play a more dominant role.

A solid Junckers wide board floor fulfils the wish for a genuine and timeless floor uniting an aesthetic experience with function. Solid wide board floors are very hard-wearing and stable – even after several years’ use. They fit well into most rooms – both in your home and in non-residential buildings.

Junckers has a clear and deliberate attitude to sustainable forestry and the environment. Our wooden floors are produced under the most stringent requirements and we are working hard to produce floors that are friendly to the environment and the indoor climate.

Take a look at the wide variety of Junckers floors supplied by Flooring Centre. Here you can find a special selection of products from the Nordic Oak range.

Junckers Flooring Recovered

As a natural material, solid wood has many advantages compared to most other floor materials. Junckers’ floors are produced with care and consideration – supporting the wood’s natural ability to promote a healthy indoor climate. Junckers is the only manufacturer of solid wooden floors in the world to be awarded the Allergy UK, British Allergy Foundation seal of approval and, at the same time, our floors are approved by The Danish Indoor Climate Regulator. This guarantees you a healthy indoor climate.

Two wooden floors are not the same. Nature has taken care of this. Furthermore, Junckers’ wooden floors are treated in different ways according to which features of the wood we want to enhance. Junckers is the only floor manufacturer that manufactures both wooden floors and care and maintenance products. This guarantees you beautiful floors for years to come. A lacquered surface gives extra strength and a beautiful, elegant and lustrous sheen.

Oil treatment draws out the natural grain of the wood and gives the floor a warm, inviting, and silky matt appearance.

A solid wooden floor treated with Ultra Matt lacquer combines the benefits of the lacquer with the appearance of the oil. The lacquer adds extra strength and is easy to maintain. Therefore, every Junckers wooden floor is quite unique and unrivalled. Exactly like nature has decided.

junckers solid wood floor

Boulevard Wide Board

New from Junckers this 185mm wide board adds an extra dimension to the Junckers range. Also available in a Compound version which is made up of random length boards to give a modern effect.

  • 100% real solid hardwood
  • Unique furniture quality finish
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Choice of 2 stave or wide board appearance
  • Choice of 3 different finishes in 3 grades
  • The largest range of prefinished solid hardwoods in the UK and Ireland
  • Resources and reputation - Over 45 years of supplying floors in the UK and 25 in Ireland

Avenida Wide Board

As a new product from Junckers, this 160mm wide board gives that extra width that certain installations require. Also available in a Compound version which is made up of random length boards to give a modern effect.

  • Europe’s leading and largest manufacturer
  • Environmentally active
  • 3 different methods of installation
  • The brand the professionals use

Junckers 2 Strip Flooring

A classic and still a very desirable look. Hardwood staves are selected and joined together to produce this popular flooring.

Junckers Wide Board

Very much in vogue, the selection of wood species and grain patterns all adds up to a beautiful 100% solid hardwood floor.

Junckers Ships Decking

A unique look for your floor. Each board has a black neoprene strip running along the edge to highlight the straight lines of the floor. With the exception of Avenida and Boulevard, all Junckers products are available in the Ships Decking format

Junckers Compose and Compound

Compose and Compound boards are made up of shorter lengths to highlight the natural variations in the timber to produce an attractive and distinctive look.

Junckers 2 Strip Flooring

The 2 strip boards are made of 100% solid hardwood and are available in 14mm and 22mm thicknesses. Two trees are the same. Because of this and wherever naturally possible, we can offer Junckers floors in a range of styles, Classic, Harmony and Variation. This allows you to choose the appearance of the floor to suit your room, which will be unique to you.

Three Choices of Finish

All our boards are prefinished within our factory with a choice of either a Silk Matt or Ultra Matt lacquer or an Oiled finish. Silk Matt and Ultra Matt lacquers are pure polyurethane finishes chosen for hardware and durability. Silk Matt has a semi-gloss or satin appearance whilst Ultra Matt is a very matt natural-looking finish. Oil is a very matt looking finish achieved by deep impregnation of rich urethane drying oils. Most flooring can also be supplied without the finish for on-site custom finishing.

Oak Boulevard Flooring

  • Beech - Beech is one of Junckers' classic floors. Beautiful light-coloured timber with a warm, golden grain pattern.
  • Oak - Oak is a beautiful, honey-brown timber with an attractive grain pattern - a modern classic.
  • Ash - Ash is a light-coloured, elegant type of timber, which gradually assumes a warm and beautiful golden glow.
  • Beech SylvaKet - Vacuum fumed Beech with a brownish appearance. SylvaKet is a shade darker than Oak and can be sanded without loss of colour.
  • Merbau - Merbau is a darker timber in red and brown that endows a room with natural warmth.
  • Jatoba - Jatoba is naturally dark wood with a beautiful grain pattern which will enhance the beauty of any room.
  • Black Oak - Black appearance with some colour variation between the staves which highlights the natural grain of the Oak.
  • Beech SylvaRed - Vacuum stained Beech with a warm, medium-red appearance.
  • SylvaRed is a shade brighter than Merbau and can be sanded without loss of colour.
  • Nordic Beech - Nordic Beech has a light white toned finish which adds elegance to the floor.
  • Nordic Ash - Nordic Ash has a white toned surface which gives the floor Nordic elegance and enhances the beautiful structure of the wood.
  • Nordic Oak - Nordic Oak has a white toned surface applying Nordic elegance to the floor and enhancing the beautiful structure of the wood.

Classic grade. An even uniform clean look, with some fine grain patterning and minimal colour variation between the staves and boards. Some very small black pin knots can be seen along with very fine surface featuring.

Harmony grade. A natural appearance. More graining and colour variation between individual staves and boards, More prominent vibrant knots and surface features such as fine hairline splits in the surface. Any open knot is factory filled.

Variation grade. A rustic look with unlimited natural colour variation and more prominent grain patterning between the individual staves and boards. Larger characteristic knots on the surface and edges and surface hairline splits. More knots are factory filled. Some texture can be felt across the surface of the larger knots.

Junckers Wide Boards - 129 mm wide

  • Oak - wide boards bring out the grain pattern of the timber and have an elegant, robust appearance. Chosen from European Oak or American White Oak.
  • Black Oak - Black appearance with some colour variation which highlights the natural grain of the Oak.
  • Light Ash - Ash is a luxurious wood ranging from very pale to light golden. Over time, Ash achieves a deeper golden hue that enhances the uniqueness and beauty of its natural grain.
  • Dark Ash - Dark Ash is very distinct and attractive in appearance. The inherent dark browns of the hardwood contrast beautifully with lighter areas in the grain.
  • Nordic light Ash - Bleached Scandinavian appearance. The white translucent stain highlights the grain of the Ash.
  • Nordic dark Ash - Bleached Scandinavian appearance. The white translucent stain highlights the grain of the Dark Ash
  • Jarrah - Jarrah is an exclusive rich red hardwood with a modest grain pattern seldom found in other woods.
  • Merbau - Solid Merbau wide boards bring out the inherent warmth of this type of timber.
  • Jatoba - Dark red in colour becoming browner over time.
  • Junckers Avenida - Junckers Oak Avenida is 160mm wide. Warm, honey-coloured and extremely robust Oak in a wider format
  • Junckers Boulevard - Junckers Oak Boulevard is 185mm wide. Extra wide for that luxurious look.

Junckers Gallery Flooring

Compose and compound range

All Junckers 129mm wide boards are available in the Compose range – in 1 standard grade. Junckers Avenida and Boulevard Oak are available in the Compound Range. Contact Junckers for further details.

100% Solid 100% Affordable

Many floors are deliberately designed to look like a Junckers floor but their beauty is only skin-deep. Many so-called 'hardwood' floors actually have more softwood than hardwood, while plastic laminate floors trying to create a wood effect are only superficially similar to the real thing. You only have to walk on them to feel and hear the difference! Junckers, on the other hand, is natural hardwood through and through. That means it looks better and lasts longer than any cheap alternative. What's more, unlike plastic laminate flooring, you can sand and reseal your Junckers floor to keep it looking beautiful. Many believe that Junckers flooring actually gains character with age and with reasonable care, will last a lifetime.

A one hundred percent Junckers floor will also increase the value of your property because these days people increasingly appreciate the difference between what’s real and what’s fake. Nothing compares underfoot to the feel and warmth of a Junckers floor, and it's nice to know that our flooring comes from a naturally renewable resource. Our Beech, Oak, Jarrah, and Ash flooring comes with the backing of the PEFC certification scheme. Our factory in Denmark is both PEFC and FSC Accredited. Junckers is the only company to offer its own complete range of oils, lacquers and a comprehensive selection of accessories including solid hardwood mouldings especially designed to realise the full longevity and decorative potential of Junckers flooring.

Points to remember

  • Junckers floors are not suitable for bathrooms or other wet areas.
  • Wood is a natural product, which responds to changes in temperature and humidity. To minimise problems ensure that the room in which the flooring is fitted is heated and ventilated according to the season and is not left as unused or unoccupied space.
  • 22mm and 20.5mm boards are most suitable for conservatories.
  • Unlike man-made flooring, every piece of timber is slightly different to look at. These differences add 'character' and will not affect performance.
  • Junckers is also perfectly suitable for use with underfloor heating.