Junckers` Hardwood Flooring Heritage

Junckers Flooring

Back in 1930 long before it was politically correct to care about the environment Flemming Juncker was searching for ways to stop the wastage of the valuable resource, which is wood. By finding ways to use the whole tree economically he gave forestry owners an incentive to replant and maintain their trees. This, in turn, encouraged them to comply with an 1805 law laying down best practice for vigorous replanting and responsible harvesting. Flemming Juncker made forestry viable by using timber resources in the best possible way, which has remained Junckers philosophy to this day.

This makes us highly influential in the running of the forests. The laws passed in 1805 are still in force and are supported by organisations such as FSC, PEFC and WWF. New trees are today planted to such an extent that the total forest area grows each year. This and the fact that the existing forests are thriving is living proof that they are well managed and wholly sustainable. Junckers manufacturing process uses 100% of the wood – nothing is wasted. Bark, chippings and sawdust waste material from the production is used to fuel our on-site power station to provide electrical energy for use in the production of our flooring. This also provides electricity for the Danish national grid.

"We believe that the synergy of utilising what was once waste wood, by converting it into a desirable Junckers floorboard, which has encouraged the forests to be better managed and as a result produces clean electrical energy is a proud achievement"

Junckers is the chain of custody certified for both the timber certification scheme FSC and PEFC. More than 50% of our Beech production and a substantial share of the Oak flooring is available under the PEFC certification scheme. Junckers will continue to work actively together with its local partners and International organisations to preserve the forests in a manner so as to leave wood for future generations to use.

“Remember a forester founded our company and it is our intention to live up to and follow his philosophy.“