Another Revolutionary Technology by Quick Step - Incizo Poflie

Quick Step is a world-leading manufacturer of exceptional quality luxury laminate and engineered wood floors. Quick Step flooring is a synonym of excellence not only because of the fascinating appearance, durability and resistance of the floors but also because of the full range of matching accessories, installation tools, repair kits and maintenance products that have been designed to complement every single flooring product. This is quite impressive, considering that Quick Step has the largest range of laminate flooring colours and designs available today.

Quick Step is not only about a huge variety of products, but also about practicality, simplicity and convenience. To facilitate the customers, Quick Step has invested in developing the revolutionary technology of the Incizo profile with 5 different applications captured in a single and easy to use the product.

Quick Step Incizo is a unique threshold profile that is available in a variety of colours to match all Quick Step laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring products.

T shaped profile1.    It can be used as a T shaped profile to link floors of the same height


ramp profile 2.    It can be used as a ramp profile when there is a variation in height from one floor to another.


end profile3.    It can be used as an end profile near a wall or a window.



connecting profile 4.    It can be used as a connecting profile between a laminate or engineered floor and carpets.


straight, turning, with or without stair nose, flush or non flush.5.    It can be used as a stair nosing to any kind of staircase – straight, turning, with or without stair nose, flush or non-flush.


Each Quick Step Incizo comes with a specifically designed slitter to cut your Incizo profile to the desired shape.

Quick Step is a real invention presenting a synergy of elegance, simplicity and multi-functionality.