Quick Step Laminate Fitting Guide

There are 3 easy installation methods

1. Rotate and Click
2. Horizontal insertion
3. Slide and Click
You have to simply click the panels into each other with a down and push motion.
Quick Step flooring offers you the option to join the planks pushing them together horizontally. It is most useful for awkward places like corners and when you can't rotate the panels.
In order to use this as an option, you have to be able to click the panels in place along its long side and then slide the short side into place and press down. This method is specially made for the Quick Step Exquisa range.
Quick-Step rotate and click installation method
Quick-Step horizontal insertion installation method
Quick-Step installation method slide and click

Quick Step laminate floors are easy and fast to install.

Quick Step supplies an installation set comprising of a tapping block, crowbar and wedges for expansion joint guarantee.

Quick Step Tenon Saw - This handy tool will facilitate the trimming of the door frames so your floor can fit smoothly underneath. It comes with a steel saw blade and an adjustable handle.

You can download the detailed Quick Step laminate flooring installation guide for the specific range below:

Quick Step Laminates can also be installed over underfloor heating.  For detailed installation instructions over underfloor heating, please click here.