Maintenance Guide

Quick Step flooring offers floor care products that will make the floor maintenance an even easier task.

A Quick-Step cleaning kit includes a mop with an adjustable handle, washable microfiber cloths and a clean spray for slightly damp or dry maintenance.  Remove dust and loose dirt daily.  You can do both a dry clean and slightly moist one. For the slightly moist cleaning, the microfiber tissue is moistened with the water spray and a little Quick-Step cleaning product, or a well-wrung floor cloth can be used instead. For cleaning floors with bevelled V-grooves clean dry only.

In order to prevent dirt building up in the V-groove, it is recommended to vacuum the floor first. It is also possible to first loosen the dirt as much as possible with the help of a microfibre
cloth before cleaning the V-groove with a vacuum cleaner.

The Quick-Step microfibre mop is designed to be used dry as well as slightly moistened. The special fibres create a large contact surface with an efficient dirt-collecting capacity. They loosen the dirt easily without the risk of scratching the floor.

A Quick-Step Force product fights stubborn stains such as permanent markers and shoe polish. Small damages in the surface can be filled up with Quick-Step Fix. Gaps in the floor can be repaired with Quick-Step Kit. Both products are available in matching colours; the transition is seamless.