Quickstep Eligna Laminate Flooring

Quickstep Eligna laminate flooring line is available in 16 stunning shades designed to enhance the beauty of your interior. Quickstep Eligna line stands out not just with amazing design, but also impressive durability, hard-wearing and long-lasting power, so you will be able to enjoy your Quickstep Eligna laminate flooring for many years.

Each floor of the Quickstep Eligna line is designed and constructed with great care and attention to detail so every plank perfectly mimics the look of real wood material and ensures the same durability and solidness. Do you want to add timeless beauty, elegance and a touch of luxury to your home or office? It is easy thanks to Quickstep Eligna laminate flooring. Quickstep Eligna laminate floorboards come in an elegant, realistic and very high-quality finish and look that makes Quickstep Eligna laminate floors almost identical to real wood flooring.

Quickstep Eligna Laminate Flooring: Style that Impresses

Quickstep Eligna laminate flooring - style that impressesThere is a Quickstep Eligna floor suitable for every setting and interior. No matter if your home shines with the beauty of a traditional and classic setting, or a cutting-edge modern interior is right up your alley, Quickstep Eligna floors are the perfect addition to every space, blending in with the rest of the interior in order to compliment it while creating a smooth and seamless style or standing out with their own beauty and uniqueness.

Quickstep Eligna laminate floors are offered in a wide range of colours and shades and you can choose the one that works the best for your place, depending on the effect and appearance you are trying to achieve. Generally, Quickstep Eligna floors in light colours work best for rooms that are smaller in size, because they make the place appear more spacious. In case you want to achieve such visual trick for your room, you can choose from a wide choice of light Quickstep Eligna floors, including Estate Oak in Beige or Light Grey, Light Grey Varnished Oak, Newcastle Oak Grey, Riva Oak Natural, Venice Oak in Beige or Light, and more. 

Achieving a cosy and warm atmosphere for your space becomes easier with Quickstep Eligna laminate floors in medium brown towns, for example, White Oak Light, Varnished Oak in Natural, or Old Oak Matt Oiled in Natural. In case you want to add a bit of drama to the interior of your home and choose a Quickstep Eligna floor that stands out and makes a statement, make sure to have a look at Oiled Walnut Brown, Newcastle Oak Dark, or Metallic Ceruse Oak Gold. No matter what style of Quickstep Eligna laminate flooring you are going to choose for your home or office, one thing is for sure – all Quickstep Eligna floors are super durable and hard-wearing.

Quickstep Eligna Laminate Flooring: Why Choose It

Quickstep Eligna laminate flooring - why choose itQuickstep Eligna laminate flooring line comes with a long list of benefits it can deliver and ensure for your home. Quickstep Eligna is not just elegant and pretty, it is a line of waterproof laminate flooring, which means that Quickstep Eligna floors can be installed in areas with higher moisture levels such as the kitchen, bathroom, and even basement. Hydroseal technology is the innovation that makes Quickstep Eligna laminate floorboards highly resistant to moisture and suitable to be installed anywhere in the house. 

Quickstep Eligna laminate floors are also a good choice for busy, high-traffic areas and commercial flooring. Thanks to the advanced technologies and methods of manufacturing, Quickstep Eligna floors are less prone to surface scratching, which means you will be able to enjoy them looking new and avoid wear and tear for many years. Quickstep Eligna laminate floors are also suitable for installation over an underfloor heating system. Enjoy amazing comfort and warmth for your home thanks to a cost-efficient underfloor heating system without worrying about the condition and durability of your floor as Quickstep Eligna floors remain durable and hard-wearing and are not affected by the temperature fluctuations.

Quickstep Eligna Laminate Flooring: Latest Flooring Technologies

Quickstep Eligna laminate flooring - latest flooring technologiesQuickstep Eligna flooring is designed with respect to the latest technologies in the industry. Every laminate plank of the Quickstep Eligna line is made without grooves and this provides a softer, more tasteful final look. Quickstep Eligna floors come with an advanced and innovative system for installation that makes fitting the boards easy and quick and suitable even for a DIY project. An 8mm depth of each Quickstep Eligna line floorboard gives the floor a stable and comfortable design. 

An additional ScratchGuard technology protects each Quickstep Eligna floor plank from micro-scratches and quick wear and tear. In fact, Quickstep Eligna floorboards are 10 times more durable and resistant to scratches than other similar brands. Thanks to their durability and resistance to scratches, Quickstep Eligna floors are ideal for high-traffic areas of the house or also installed in commercial settings. Each Quickstep Eligna laminate floor comes with a 25-year guarantee that is one of the longest warranties available for laminate flooring on the international market. 

Quickstep Eligna Laminate Flooring: Easy Installation

Quickstep Eligna laminate flooring - easy installationInstallation of Quickstep Eligna laminate floors is easy and quick thanks to an advanced system for fitting that requires the floorboards to be slotted in their right place without the usage of adhesive or nails. Quickstep Eligna floors come with a built-in UniClic installation system that is patented by the brand and offers comfort and easiness even if you decide to install your Quickstep Eligna floor as a DIY project. 

You can save money and avoid paying for professional installation services if you choose to have your own Quickstep Eligna floor fitted by yourself and you will still be able to achieve flawless results. In addition, maintaining the laminate flooring from this line by Quickstep is easy and quick. Daily vacuuming is more than enough to keep the floor dust-free and sparkling clean, while weekly mopping will provide and ensure more in-depth maintenance and cleaning.