Quickstep Livyn Vinyl Flooring

Quickstep Livyn is one of the latest and most innovative vinyl flooring lines by the brand. Quickstep Livyn is designed to serve the functionality and style needs of a modern and contemporary home. Offering amazing durability, innovative technologies, unbeatable comfort and a modern appearance that suits contemporary interiors, Quickstep Livyn is the ideal vinyl flooring choice for both domestic and commercial or business environments.

Quickstep Livyn is designed and built with convenience, elegance and durability in mind, therefore it can be enjoyed for many years and still look amazing after decides and a lot of use. Quickstep Livyn is not just durable and high-quality, the line almost includes a great range of colours and designs suitable for every modern home and complementing every modern interior. Thanks to modern technologies of manufacturing, Quickstep Livyn vinyl flooring looks exactly like real wood flooring down to the tee and it also feels like a real wood surface because of the realistic texture added to each plank under the range.

About Quickstep Livyn

About Quickstep LivynQuickstep Livyn is a luxury vinyl flooring line by a world-renowned brand. Quickstep Livyn vinyl floors are suitable for both domestic and commercial settings and fit a wide range of interiors – from classic and traditional to cutting-edge modern. Quickstep Livyn vinyl floors are durable and hard-wearing enough to withstand the high traffic and heavy footfall of commercial premises and they also are functional and comfortable enough for every area of your home.

Quickstep Livyn floors are designed to be less prone to moisture damage than a real wood floor. Therefore, Quickstep Livyn floors can be installed in high moisture areas of the house such as the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. As long as splashes and spills are wiped dry quickly, Quickstep Livyn floors are not going to get damaged by the moisture like a real wood floor would respond by contracting, expanding and shrinking of the floorboards, which can lead to a number of issues and serious imperfections.

The Quickstep Livyn range comes with really a lot of beautiful designs to offer, so practically there is a beautiful style that fits every interior and meets everyone’s requirements and needs. The Quickstep Livyn range includes stunning and very realistic wood and stone effects that mimic the real materials in detail and create the same authentic feeling of elegance, cosiness, and timeless beauty.

Quickstep Livyn Vinyl Flooring – A Wide Choice for Your Taste

Quickstep Livyn Vinyl Flooring – A wide choice for your tasteQuickstep Livyn vinyl flooring collection really spoils you of choice and opportunities to add a lot of elegance and timeless beauty to your home or office. The two main lines Quickstep Livyn vinyl flooring is available in are Quickstep Livyn Ambient and Quickstep Livyn Balance Click. Both of these Quickstep Livyn collections are water-resistant and designed to withstand moisture damage.

In addition, floors from both collections feature a twenty-year guarantee. Quickstep Livyn vinyl flooring is definitely providing value for your money and is an investment worth every penny since it will serve you for many decades and look and feel amazing for a long time. Quickstep Livyn Ambient Click is the collection that provides you with the beauty of tile flooring designs with the functionality of vinyl flooring. However, if a wooden design is more up your alley, you will be happy to explore the Quickstep Livyn Balance Click line.

Quickstep Livyn Vinyl Flooring – Advantages

Quickstep Livyn Vinyl Flooring – AdvantagesYou may be wondering why you should opt for Quickstep Livyn vinyl flooring since there is such an impressive variety of different types of flooring and different brands offering flooring on the market. Well, Quickstep Livyn flooring definitely comes with the promise of a lot of advantages and benefits for your home or office space. In addition, Quickstep is a world-renowned and a leading brand in the industry that guarantees durability and long-lasting power for each and every product and material they manufacture and supply.

Quickstep Livyn floors are moisture-resistant, which makes them the perfect solution for pretty much every area and room of your house. Quickstep Livyn range can also be used with underfloor heating, which ensures additional comfort and is one more reason why you would like to opt for this kind of flooring. Quickstep Livyn Ambient line offers tiles that come with a modern bevel design. On the other hand, Quickstep Livyn Balance come with a micro bevel detail and this impact the finish and final look of the floor and guarantees that no matter you are choosing tiles or planks, the floor will stand out and look amazing.

Both Quickstep Livyn Ambient and Balance floors benefit from an advanced technology that makes them pretty much scratch-resistant and minimises the signs of everyday wear and tear. This means you will be able to enjoy your floor looking brand-new for many years. Quickstep Livyn floors are easy to maintain and keep in good condition and clean.

Quickstep Livyn Vinyl Flooring – Installation

Quickstep Livyn Vinyl Flooring – InstallationMost of the floors from the Quickstep Livyn range come with a Uniclic installation system. This unique brand system is developed in order to make installation of Quickstep Livyn floors quick and easy and also ideal even for a DIY floor fitting project. There is no need to hire professionals to install your Quickstep Livyn vinyl floor if you have previous experience or you feel confident enough to do the job on your own. However, you can always opt for professional help and enjoy a quick, stress-free and enjoyable experience. The installation system of Quickstep Livyn floors creates a strong and sturdy fit that makes vinyl floors super long-lasting, durable, and hard-wearing.

There are so many things you can enjoy and benefit from with a vinyl floor from the Quickstep Livyn collection. Amazing style, elegance and timeless beauty are matched with high-quality, durability, lasting power, and functionality to provide you with Quickstep Livyn floors you can install anywhere in your home or office and enjoy for many years, still looking and providing the same perfect condition and brand-new appearance even after decades of everyday use.