Cleaners and Polishers Designed with Wood Flooring in Heart

Having wooden floors will require looking after them. With our range of wood floor cleaning products this will be a hassle free routine. Lacquered floors require cleaning once a week and Bona's Spray Mop is the perfect tool for that. We do spare catridges, sprayers and 'Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Refill' for those who require just a top up for their existing mop.


There is  a wide variety of floor cleaners available on the market, we can offer you products from Bona, Woca, Osmo, Blanchon, Junckers and etc.

Regular cleaning is recommended to keep your wooden floor looking good after installation. It is easy and should be done with a vacuum cleaner, mop or dusting pad. The most important thing is to choose the right cleaning product for your flooring.

  • Lacquered Floor - If your flooring has a lacquered finish you need to use products suitable for vanished wooden floors. They will protect the wear layer and will give new shine and lustre to your floor.

Advice: Wipe up any spilled liquids as wood will absorb it and may expand. Keep the amount of water used to clean the wooden floor to the minimum.

  • Oiled Floor - We strongly recommend you do not apply cleaning products developed for lacquered floors on oiled or waxed floors. Floors treated with oil finish require a little more care and should be treated regularly with oil maintenance products. You must use products specially designed for oiled surface – they will protect it against wear and scratches and will prolong the life of the oil finish.

Please note, there’s a difference between polishing and refinishing. Polishing is when you add another coat on top of your wooden floor in order to keep it looking shiny and presentable. Refinishing is a process of removing the old finish and applying a completely new one.

  • There are products designed to clean and maintain laminate and vinyl floors such as Bona Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner Spray, Bona Spray Mop Cleaning Kit for Stone, Tile & Laminate Floors or Unika Easyshine Laminate Cleaner.