A Selection of Required Floor Fitting Products

If you are looking for speedy floor installation with DPM then follow Bona R850 adhesive combined with Bona R580 DPM.

There is a wide range of underlays we can offer, each designed to tackle various points of wood floor installation - absorbent, sound-proofing, moisture protecting. Our DPM enabled best selling underlay Duralay Timbermate Excel Silver, can be only out featured by Duralay Silentfloor Gold Underlay. And for an even better sound-proofing index, we offer the Timbertech2 HD Contract 5.

For underfloor heating, our best selling products are Duralay Heathflow Underlay and the thinner QuickTherm Underlay.

For laminate or wood floor installations over floorboards, we offer fibreboard underlay at great prices.