Laminate Flooring - Design Plus

Design Plus collection of laminate flooring by EGGER embodies the modern flooring – look-wise and quality-wise. Design Plus features stunning and modern laminate flooring in a compact floorboard format. 

Looking for an eco-friendly flooring choice that won’t break the bank? Design Plus by EGGER is right up your alley – it consists of Ultra Wood Fibre Board as a carrier plate and a waterproof TPU surface, which means that these laminate floors are absolutely free of PVC and plasticisers. Design Plus laminate floors by EGGER are also easy to keep well-maintained and clean, with no dust and dirt getting trapped between the floorboards, which contributes to a healthier and happier home. Design Plus laminate floors by EGGER stand out with their unbeatable water resistance, resistance to scratches, marks and impact and really high level of durability, which makes them the perfect option for installation in every area of your home as well as all these high-traffic and busy areas at commercial premises and spaces.