Laminate Flooring - Impressive Patterns

Unleash you imagination and creativity and enjoy the interior and home you have always dreamed of with the help of this collection of stunning laminate floors by QuickStep. 

Impressive Patterns is a range that consists of six laminate floors in beautiful, elegant and classic parquet patterns and different colours and designs. Impressive Patterns laminate floors are water-resistant, therefore perfect for installation even in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room or basement. All laminate floors that are part of this collection come with an advanced Scratch-Guard technology that makes the surfaces of these floors extremely durable and hard-wearing. Impressive Patterns laminate floors by QuickStep are ten times less prone to scratches and other imperfections that are not crafted with the Scratch-Guard technology. All floors that are featured in the Impressive Patterns range by QuickStep come with a built-in Uliclic system that makes installation easier and faster than ever.