Laminate Flooring - Medium 10 mm

Enjoy the beauty, elegance and aesthetics of real wood flooring, but for a more affordable price with the help of Medium 10mm EGGER laminate flooring.

Shopping laminate flooring from this collection means you are getting really high quality and a hard-wearing laminate floor that will last for decades and deliver the same level of durability, long-lasting power, comfort and functionality over the years. Besides its high quality, Medium 10mm EGGER laminate flooring is also a trendy and modern choice. Medium 10mm EGGER laminate floors are available in a wide variety of colours and designs that are a perfect choice for the interior of every modern and contemporary home, complementing every space and blending perfectly with every style.

Installation of Medium 10mm EGGER laminate flooring is easy and fast thanks to the advanced built-in UNI fit system that does not require the usage of glue, nails, or other accessories and products. Medium 10mm EGGER laminate floors can be installed over different types of subfloor and underfloor heating too, suitable for fitting in different areas of the house or for commercial projects, including high-moisture content and high traffic areas.