Lifestyle Kensington Laminate Flooring

Lifestyle Kensington Laminate Flooring collection comes with six stunning designs and colours that can complement every home and space.

Lifestyle Kensington Laminate Flooring provides you with the opportunity to enjoy high-quality and attractive yet affordable floors with a thick top that makes these laminate floors really durable and hard-wearing, which means you will enjoy them for many years to come. These laminate floors by Lifestyle are suitable for rooms with underfloor heating as well as areas with high traffic and higher moisture content thanks to their resistance to moisture and impact.

You can experience a number of benefits when owning and enjoying a stunning Lifestyle Kensington Laminate Flooring, including on-trend designs and the elegant and amazing aesthetic of real wood materials, popular designs and colours that can easily complement every interior, functionality and comfort, lasting power and stability, and even more.