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Xylo Laminate Flooring

Xylo laminate flooring has been around for such a long time that is has become a synonym of great quality, excellent durability, attractive design. Homeowners and commercial property interior designers opt for Xylo laminate flooring because of the innovative technology that creates a lasting and hard-wearing structure that is water-, stress-, and scratch-resistant. Thanks to the pioneering structure, Xylo laminate flooring is suitable for every space of the house, even for rooms, where high levels of indoor moisture can be an issue for other types of real wood flooring and laminate flooring. Xylo laminate flooring can be installed even in the bathroom or basement, where you can enjoy the beauty of real wood without worrying about issues and imperfections.

Why Choose Xylo Laminate Flooring?

Why choose Xylo laminate flooring?
Xylo Laminate Flooring – Benefits and Advantages

Xylo is a company specialising in the design and manufacturing of real wood and laminate flooring according to the highest standards. Xylo laminate flooring is recognised for its amazing durability and long-lasting power. Xylo comes up with new ranges of flooring every year and Xylo laminate flooring does not make an exception. As a long-established company investing a lot of time and energy in creating high-quality laminate flooring products and materials, Xylo keeps up with all trends and customer demands. Therefore, Xylo laminate flooring is modern and trendy, suitable for all sorts of interior designs.

Where to Install Xylo Laminate Flooring?

Where to install Xylo laminate flooring?
Xylo Laminate Flooring Installation – Where?

Thanks to the innovative technology utilised for the design and manufacturing of Xylo laminate flooring, these laminate floors are a perfect fit for every area of the house. Xylo laminate flooring is not only water-resistant and cannot be affected by a number of factors that make real wood floors struggle with issues. Xylo laminate flooring is also extra durable and hard-wearing, therefore it is a perfect choice for commercial premises and busy areas of high traffic. The reputation of the company is built on reliability and trust with a large client base enjoying Xylo laminate flooring and its high quality and functionality for decades.

Xylo Laminate Flooring Aesthetics

Xylo laminate flooring aesthetics
Xylo Laminate Flooring – Variety of Designs

Xylo laminate flooring is available in a wide variety of colours, styles, grains. Designed to perfectly mimic the variety and beauty of natural wood, Xylo laminate flooring is hard to distinguish from real hardwood floors even by professionals. You can easily find the perfect match to your interior, no matter if classic or contemporary because Xylo laminate flooring is offered in an impressive selection of designs with an authentic look and feel.

Elevate your interiors with the exquisite beauty of Xylo laminate flooring. Visit our London showroom for a closer look, or simply order Xylo laminate flooring online via our website.

Why choose Xylo laminate flooring?
Where to install Xylo laminate flooring?
Xylo laminate flooring aesthetics