Engineered Flooring - Linnea Lodge Collection

Kahrs Lodge collection offers a durable and stunning engineered wood floor to suit every taste. From calm and cool shades to bolder and darker hues, the Lodge collection provides a really stunning variety of different engineered wood floor styles, colours, finishes and grades. 

The collection of engineered wood floors by Kahrs is available in several different wood species, including the well-loved ash, beech, cherry, maple, oak and walnut. In order to make these beautiful wood species stand out and ensure a lot of beauty, elegance, comfort and durability for your home or wherever the floors are installed, Kahrs has employed a number of advanced and modern techniques for the production and design process, including a 3-ply structure, that helps the engineered wood floors to withstand the impact of moisture and temperature fluctuations and makes them suitable for installation anywhere and over all sorts of subfloor, natural surface treatments with a long-lasting effect that make all floors from this Lodge collection hard-wearing, and beveling that brings out the best of all these wood species and enhances the functionality and comfort of these engineered wood floors. As result, all clients and customers can enjoy and explore a stunning collection of engineered wood flooring that boasts a beautiful appearance and equally stunning performance for years to come.