Parquet Flooring - Maxi Parquet

Boen’s Maxi Parquet flooring is a classic real wood flooring available in a variety of parquet patterns for everyone’s taste, preferences and style. 

Ranging from light, through medium browns, to dark tones, Maxi Parquet by Boen is truly the perfect solution for your home or office, bringing a lot of elegance, charm and uniqueness to every space. Available in different wood species, the authentic beauty of wood added to the intriguing parquet pattern of Maxi Parquet’s floors fit perfectly in both modern and classic interiors. High-quality and with great thickness, these parquet floors by Boen can be re-sanded and refinished several times in their lifespan and still look and feel amazing after many years of use. Maxi Parquet floors by Boen ensure a lot of joy, functionality, comfort, warmth and cosiness for every owner and offer a great level of durability and hard-wearing power.