Engineered Flooring - Fashion

Finding the perfect engineered wood floor for your project is easy with the help of Boen’s Fashion collection. Durability, high-quality and hard-wearing power are matched with modern and contemporary wood flooring designs, colours, textures and finishes in this ultra-fashionable collection of engineered wood floors by Boen. 

No more boring and unattractive engineered wood flooring designs, Boen is here to change that with the help of the brand’s Fashion collection. Engineered wood flooring that is fashionable, stylish, and fascinating, combining great style and enjoyable practicality, this oak topped engineered wood floors are carefully and lightly brushed, planed and sanded and the results truly turn heads. These floors are crafted and designed to complement the latest interior trends and bring these modern and distinctive styles to your home or commercial projects. All engineered wood planks from this collection come bevelled on two sides that add definition and mimic the way timber wood floors look.