Xylo Chelsea 5G Click Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

Chelsea engineered wood floor collection by Xylo brings ease of installation of real wood flooring on a whole new level. Thanks to a patented and innovative 5G click installation built-in system by Xylo, engineered wood floors from the Chelsea collection are extremely easy to fit and with no adhesive or other materials and products required. As easy as that, each beautiful floor from the Chelsea collection can be installed pretty much everywhere in your home and over different types of subfloor, including underfloor heating.

With an added resistance to moisture and humidity, thanks to their advanced structure, engineered wood floors by Xylo can be installed even in areas with high moisture content such as the kitchen, bathroom, utility room. Chelsea engineered wood flooring by Xylo is durable and hard-wearing, resistant to impact and high traffic, which makes it a great choice for commercial and high-traffic areas too. A wide range of different styles of engineered wood floors from the Chelsea collections means you will be able to find the perfect match for your interior style.