Chene Herringbone Click Collection

Get the most elegant and distinctive flooring look of the herringbone pattern for your home, but just for a fraction of the price of an original parquet floor and with an easier and faster installation – all thanks to Chene’s Herringbone Click collection. 

Thanks to an advanced and innovative floor fitting click-in system, installation of the engineered wood floorboards into a beautiful and timeless elegant pattern are neither time-consuming nor expensive or complex to handle. The click-in fitting system that is built into each board allows for floating installation of this Chene engineered wood flooring, which allows the flexibility of installing the planks over all sorts of subfloors plus underfloor heating and different kinds of underlayment.

You can enjoy the classic beauty of the herringbone pattern, but with a modern twist – Chene’s engineered wood flooring is designed to last for many decades, look stylish and elegant, withstand increased moisture levels and high traffic, be easy to maintain in perfect condition and allowing the opportunity to be re-sanded whenever it is needed. The herringbone pattern is truly a classic when it comes to the wood flooring world and brings a lot of class, tradition and a touch of luxury to any place.