V4 Deco Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

Deco by V4 is a collection of ultra-modern engineered wood floors designed and crafted to bring contemporary beauty, style and elegance to your home or commercial project. These beautifully crafted engineered wood floors by V4 come with a durable and high-quality oak top layer that is carefully and lightly brushed so that the beauty of the natural grain is released and you can enjoy engineered wood floors that have truly a unique appearance and a lot of character while still looking simple and elegant enough to perfectly match every interior.

The engineered wood planks from the Deco collection by V4 are treated with wood lye that bleaches the top layers of the planks and transform the colour of the floor. As a result, deep lustred and distinctive oak tones are created, while there are grain variations within the collection, which provides you with the perfect opportunity to find the exact floor you have always imagined and dreamed of.