Junckers Nordic Oak Collection Solid Wood Flooring

Lighten up your space and add more character, beauty and warmth with Junckers’ unique Nordic Oak collection of solid wood flooring. 

Add light, airiness, a sense of spacious room and the stunning elegance of the minimalistic Scandinavian style with the help of Nordic Oak by Junckers. Suitable for both domestic and commercial settings, Nordic Oak flooring is durable and hard-wearing, designed to last for many decades and with appearance, comfort, functionality and durability that bring joy to everyone.

Nordic Oak comes with an interesting graining that stands out and becomes more unique and distinctive over time. Just like good wine, Nordic Oak is ageing gracefully and beautifully, adding a lot of elegance, warmth and cosiness to every interior and every setting where the floor is installed. Enjoy a solid wood floor that is crafted to be really hard-wearing and lasting with Nordic Oak by Junckers.