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Chene 14 mm Engineered Wood Flooring

Chene’s engineered wood flooring collection with a 14mm of core thickness is created to withstand increased moisture and humidity levels and temperature fluctuations. Thanks to its durability and hard-wearing power, this engineered wood flooring is a perfect choice for everywhere where solid wood flooring will not make the cut, but you still want to enjoy the aesthetics and elegance of real wood flooring. Install it in the kitchen, utility room and even the bathroom, engineered wood flooring by Chene will last for many decades and still look stunning.

The 14mm core of the engineered wood planks consist of wooden layers that are glued together crisscrossed for extra stability yet enough flexibility when moisture increases, so the floor will withstand the impact and remain stable and durable. The thick top hardwood layers allow for up to three sanding treatments in the floor’s lifespan. Chene’s wide range of engineered wood flooring means you can find the perfect match for every interior, no matter if classic and traditional or modern and chic.