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Xylo St James Herringbone Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

The collection offers a wide variety of natural wood floor colours with high-quality protection finishes and different grains, so everyone can find the exact style that best complements their interior style and meets their requirements and preferences. Herringbone is, without any doubt, one of the most classic and beautiful patterns when it comes to real wood flooring. However, real herringbone parquet is hard to install and maintain in perfect condition and this is why herringbone engineered wood flooring is invented.

St James Herringbone collection of engineered wood floors by Xylo is everything you want from your future favourite floor. It is beautiful and comes with the elegance and timeless style of this classic pattern, it is durable, it is easy to fit with an advanced click installation system, and it ensures easy and timeless upkeep. Engineered wood floors by Xylo are designed and crafted to be suitable for installation even in high-moisture and humid areas of your home and over different types of subfloor and even underfloor heating.