Kahrs Capital Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

Capital collection of engineered wood flooring by Kahrs is created to bring a distinctive and unique style to your home. Made entirely from premium quality oak that is carefully selected for its clean and uniform grain, engineered wood floors from the Capital collection are truly what you need to create an elegant and modern ambience in your home or office. 

Complementing every interior, these engineered wood floors work as a perfect, clean, and simple backdrop for your style. The effortless and timeless elegance of the Capital collection is the perfect base for developing your own, very unique interior style. Each engineered wood plank from this collection is finished with high-quality oil or lacquer finish that ensures lasting protection for your floor so you can enjoy it for many decades. This designer flooring comes with a guarantee for unbeatable durability and high resistance to moisture, humidity and temperature fluctuations, which means you can install it anywhere in your home or choose it for commercial installation projects.