Kahrs Original Domani Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

Domani collection of engineered wood floors by Kahrs features seven-floor styles that are crafted and designed to bring beauty, character, durability and comfort to every home or wherever the floors are installed. Each of these seven floors within the Domani collection has its own unique and very distinctive and dynamic character, which means that an engineered wood floor by Kahrs will easily become the statement piece of every home’s interior, attracting attention and standing out, The colours and hues within the collection vary from modern white and grey, through natural shades, and to darker and more dramatic tones.

Compared to usual rustic style engineered wood flooring, floorboard within this collection have a more discreet and sophisticated surface, therefore, they can easily complement every interior style, from contemporary and modern to more classic and traditional. The main concept behind the Domani collection by Kahrs is keeping the authentic beauty of wood stand out with an added smoothness through the use of more traditional and softer products and techniques, including the application of hard wax oil, soft brushing and slight hand scraping.