Engineered Flooring - Original Lumen Collection

It may feel and look untreated, however, there is a lot of attention to details, craftsmanship and professionalism behind the design and manufacturing of the high-quality engineered wood flooring part of Lumen collection by Kahrs. 

Strong yet silky, extremely beautiful, keeping the authentic elegance and prettiness of real wood, durable and hard-wearing, Lumen collection of engineered wood flooring is everything you need for your home or for commercial projects and even more. Treated with high-quality finishing products, these engineered wood floors have an invisible but durable shield against daily wear and tear. You can enjoy your stunning engineered wood floor by Kahrs installed anywhere as it is designed to withstand moisture, humidity and temperature fluctuations. The ultra-matt finish of the floors from the Lumen collection absorbs the natural light and enhances the colour and texture of the floor, making it stand out and revealing its true beauty. Lumen collection comes with six three-strip engineered wood floor designs that are made from clean oak in natural and sot tones.