Xylo Victoria Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

A range of six stunning engineered wood floors with a unique look and in a variety of classic and modern wood floors colours is what forms one of the best collections of Xylo – Victoria. Each of the oak floors that are part of the Victoria collection is individually treated for the achievement of a distinctive and stunning look. A number of advanced and traditional techniques is utilized for making this collection of engineered wood flooring extra special and attractive – from smoking and staining to the application of high-quality oil finishes that not only enhance the natural beauty of oak’s texture, grain and colour but also ensure lasting and hard-wearing protection of the floor.

Xylo’s Victoria range of engineered wood floors impresses not only with attractive and authentic-looking floors but also with high quality, amazing durability, lasting power. Install your Victoria engineered wood floor in a commercial setting or in the kitchen and even the bathroom – in does not matter, because these floors are crafted to last for years and still look and feel amazing.