Quick Step Livyn Alpha Vinyl Medium Planks

Create a unique look for your home or for commercial spaces with the help of Quick Step Livyn Alpha Vinyl Medium Planks.

The unusual size of these vinyl planks contributes to a more unique appearance of the vinyl floor and a stunning design for your space. These vinyl floors can either blend in with the rest of the interior with clean lines, smoothness and light colours or become the focal point of the space with bolder and darker colours and rustic design. Besides the stunning appearance of these vinyl floors by QuickStep, the Quick Step Livyn Alpha Vinyl Medium Planks ensures amazing durability and hard-wearing power. These vinyl floors are suitable for installation in practically every area of the house as well as for commercial projects thanks to their scratch-resistant surface that withstands high traffic and impact as well as the structure that is designed to withstand the impact of moisture, humidity and temperature fluctuations.