Quick Step Livyn Ambient Click Vinyl Flooring

Ambient Click by QuickStep is a stunning collection of vinyl flooring tiles with an expressive and tactile structure that contributes to a very realistic look as well as a wide variety of stunning colours and designs that are made to complement every space and interior style.

These V-grooved tiles by QuickStep contribute to creating a room that visually appears more spacious as well as enhancing the look of authentic tiles. Thanks to their durability and the modern technology utilized for manufacturing them, Ambient Click vinyl tiles by QuickStep are absolutely resistant to water and moisture and come with a scratch- and stain-resistant surface that ensures your vinyl floor will look brand-new for many years. The patented and advanced Uniclic Multifit installation system that comes built-in with all tiles that are part of the Ambient Click collection ensure fast and easy fitting and makes them suitable even for a DIY project.