Vinyl Flooring - Balance Click

Balance Click is a collection of twenty stunning vinyl floor designs by QuickStep. Twenty different designs and colours ensure you can easily find the exact match to your interior and a durable vinyl floor that will perfectly complement your space while bringing a lot of comfort, functionality and beauty to your home.

Balance Click vinyl floors are crafted perfectly so they mimic the beauty, elegance and feel of real wood flooring realistically. In fact, when installed, it is hard to tell the difference between Balance Click vinyl flooring and real wood flooring. Thanks to their amazing durability and hard-wearing power, very high resistance to scratches, stains and marks because of the innovative technology utilised for their manufacturing, Balance Click vinyl floors by QuickStep can be installed practically anywhere and last for many years. High-traffic areas, commercial premises and places with higher moisture content, humidity and temperature fluctuations – your durable and hard-wearing Balance Click vinyl floor will not get affected nor damaged.