Vinyl Flooring - Balance Click Plus

Balance Click Plus by QuickStep introduces you to a range of vinyl floors that offer an extra level of durability and hard-wearing power.

The perfect solution for high-traffic and busy areas, these vinyl floors can withstand everything and come with advanced technology that ensures a high level of protection against scratches, dents, marks, stains and other imperfections. Balance Click Plus vinyl floors by QuickStep are not just durable and long-lasting, they are also very attractive, providing every space with the authentic beauty and timeless elegance of real wood flooring for just a fraction of the price of real wood flooring.

Install your Balance Plus Click vinyl floor in the kitchen, basement, bathroom or utility room, it does not matter as these floors are water-resistant. This also means that they are super easy to clean and maintain in perfect condition for many decades. Besides the easy and effortless upkeep, Balance Click Plus floors are also easy to install, available with a built-in Uniclic Multifit fitting system that makes them a great option even for a DIY installation project.