Boen Natural Oil, 0.75 L

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 CODE: A501S001


Boen Natural Oil, 0.75L is breathadable and ready-to-use poduct. It ensures extremely good protection propertiest against liquids and it doesn't emit any harmful emissions, it contains only natural ingredients.

Natural Oil is an innovative development from Boen. Deep penetration of the natural oil into the wood is ensured by two-time application of the natural oil on a custom-made production line. The wood pores are saturated, and drying takes place completely naturally in the open air. This produces one of the best and most wear-resistant natural oil surfaces in the market.

Natural oils, such as sunflower, thistle or soya bean oil as well as naturally occurring waxes (carnauba, candelilla) are components of this natural oil.

Boen Natural Oil can be used in high traffic areas, such as restaurants, stairs, hotel entrances, shopping malls. For high traffic areas it is important to apply Boen Natural Oil in due time on the appearance of wear in order to mainatin a durable surface. However, before a retreatment, you should perform an intensive cleaning using Boen Floor Soap added to water.


Cleaning Agent Specification
Pack Size 0.75 L
Code A501S001