Boen Maintenance Kit for Lacquered Floors

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 CODE: A510S001-2


Boen Maintenance Kit for Lacquered Floors contains Parquet Floor Cleaner and Parquet Refresher. They are breathable and ready to use products. They don't emit any harmful emissions and offer extremely good protection against scratches and liquids.

Boen Parquet Refresher can be used for regular cleaning of lacquered wood floors. It refreshes old and mat paint protects it against dirt and liquids and gives the surface a silky matt-shiny look.  Boen Refresher can be used also for spot cleaning. The product will freshen up aged and matt varnish, protect the varnish and provide a glossy and wear-resistant finish.

Boen Cleaner can be used for regular cleaning of lacquered and matt wood floors. Boen Cleaner is a cleaning agent developed for use on parquet, wood, and other lacquered surfaces.

Moderate Traffic Areas: 1 to 2 times per year.

Medium Traffic Areas: 1 time per month.

High Traffic Areas (restaurants, shopping malls, stairs): 1-2 times per month or more often depending on the exposure.



Cleaning Agent Specification
Pack Size 0.5 L
Code A510S001-2