Osmo Wood Putty Resin Filler, 5L

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Osmo Wood Putty Clear polymer dispersion for filling cracks up to 2 mm and joints on sanded parquet. Extremely high filling power, a short drying time, and good sanding properties create a quality product. Osmo Wood Putty is combined with sanding dust, and therefore it offers the advantages in colour matching the subsurface.

When you apply Osmo Wood Putty Clear the floor needs to be sanded down and must not have any kind of oil, lacquer, or dirt.

Before applying, stir putty in the packaging well so that any sediment is mixed in. By adding sanding dust, if possible from the same type of wood with a grain size of 8-120, mix into a thick paste. The right paste consistency is important for a flawless application. If it is too thick, there is insufficient adhesion to the sides of the joint and putty will be removed while sanding. If the paste is too thin, it leaves behind unfilled holes. 


Sealant & Lacquer Specification
Coverage 10-15 m2/ 1L
Drying Time 30-60 minutes
Pack Size 5L
Code OSMO7350

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