Bona Retarder, 200 ml

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Bona Retarder is an additive that improves the levelling and prolongs the open time of Bona waterborne finishes, both primers and topcoats. It is designed to be used when the indoor humidity is low and/or the temperature of the room is higher than normal.

Using Bona Retarder will reduce the risk of the finish drying too quickly and leaving roller marks in the dried coat.


• Facilitates application in dry and/or warm climatic conditions
• Prolongs the open time
• Minimizes the risk of overlapping and discolouration

Just add a maximum of 4% Bona Retarder to the finish or primer and shake thoroughly. The primer or wood finish can then be applied as normal according to the application instructions on the product label.

For the best results, please read and follow the information and instructions on the Bona Retarder label and those of any other products being used or mixed with this product.

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