Tover Uniqua SQ Self-Linking Lacquer, Gloss, 5L

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Tover Uniqua SQ Self-Linking Lacquer,Gloss, 5L is polyurethane high performance waterbased lacquer, perfect for areas with very high traffic. 

It offers maximum hardness, elasticity and resistance to abrasion, scratches, black heal marks and househols chemicals. It also has very low VOC content. 

Tover Uniqua SQ Self-Linking Lacquer, Gloss, 5L is ready to use. You don't need to mix it with other products to get an optimum workability. It transforms your floors with 2 coats only, with no primer or further protection of the coats. It has no pot-life and be reused for further applications. 

The Self-Linking system is an innovative system which gets activated by water evaporation creating stronger links among the resit particles. The result is extraordinary protection and long-lasting properties without adding anything extra.

Coverage: approx. 60-70 sqm

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