Osmo Polyx-Oil 2K Clear Satin, 1L

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High-quality solvent-free Hardwax Oil for professional use, perfectly trimmed for interior flooring!

- Clear, satin-matte (6125), for interior use
- For the treatment of wooden flooring, for professional use only!
- Dries on tropical wood species
- Can be used for finishing darker wood species (e.g smoked Oak)
- Fast-drying, ideal for use in commercial areas
- Water and dirt-resistant, stains can easily be removed without a trace
- Available in 1-litre drums
- 1 litre covers approx 30-40 m2
- A number of coats: 2 coats on raw wood, 1 coat for surface renewal - no sanding necessary!
Drying time between coats - Approx. 30-60 min


Sealant & Lacquer Specification
Pack Size 1 L
Code OSMO6125

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