Bona Quantum T Flexible Silane Adhesive, 600ml Sausage

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Bona Quantum T is a high viscosity adhesive, based on Bona Quantum, made for the gun application. Rapid setting, the hardened adhesive has a firm texture and can be used on nearly all subfloors.

 It is an elastic 1-component silane-based adhesive for parquet floors. The hardened adhesive is similar to conventional adhesives - able to withhold thrust during expansion, while the resistance against shrinkage is very low. Tensions to the subfloor are therefore reduced. The use of a primer is in general not necessary. The adhesive hardens by a chemical reaction with moisture.

  • 1-component, easy to handle
  • soft elastic
  • water and solvent-free, nearly no swelling of the wood
  • good adhesion to almost all substrates and timber materials, splashed material can be easily removed
  • firm fixture - retains trowel pattern



Adhesives Specification
Component Base Silane modified-Prepolymers
Storage & Transportation The temperature must not fall below 5°C or exceed 25°C during storage and transport
Shelf Life 6 months
Pack Size 600ml.
Viscosity Easy to apply - stable